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Vanilj & Havssalt Kola ett hantverk från Pärlans Konfektyrs kök i Stockholm

In Sweden, the thirties were the golden years for caramels. With time though, a fine, buttery caramel grew more and more rare, they were mostly seen at Christmas time really. Such a shame on something so darned delicious so we decided to do something about it! In December 2010 we opened our very own store. Everything was made by hand, cooked in small pots, cut and wrapped carefully. Eventually we got ourselves a beautiful wrapping machine from the 50s and the caramel business was booming. People seemed to enjoy them as much as we did. In due time we outgrew our loved kitchen in Södermalm and found ourselves a big brick building in Kräftriket next to Brunnsviken in Stockholm. Today a lot of our production and creative processes are made here meanwhile we are keeping our heart at Nytorgsgatan!